Coaching Community Membership

Coaching is the most effective way of providing support and accountability for your team. With the personalized strategies, habits and patterns can be broken and programs can transform from stressful to joyful! This leads to less burnout and reduces staff turnover.

Our Memberships

SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP $1000 per month

  • Access to the library of recorded webinars for the entire team.

  • Access the TWG community to ask questions and get support from other owners, directors, and educators.

  • Access to free resources on the community platform as and when they get updated.

  • Receive weekly emails with coaching advice, tips and tricks called “Lessons Learned from Little humans”! Access to a new live webinar monthly with certificates and recording (if you can’t join live)

  • Access to six live group coaching opportunities per month, (with recordings if you can’t join live).

What the teachers are saying about the coaching

Teacher training only transfers 22% of new information learned, coaching on the other hand shows a transfer rate of 80% implementation. If you are an administrator and have provided ongoing training for your teachers but are not seeing changes you are not alone! Individual support and coaching is the answer.

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